THIS is why I am none too keen on crape myrtle.

Tony Tomeo

P90731We arborists happen to like trees. That is why we are arborists. Most of us also understand that trees are not appropriate for every situation, or where they are not appreciated. There is no point in planting a tree where it will just get cut down by someone else who does not like it. We want trees to be happy. We also want those who live with them to be happy with their trees.
Trees are ‘generally’ desirable over parking lots and roadways. They provide shade that cools the pavement during hot summer weather. Arborists naturally prefer trees that get big enough to make substantial shadows. It is also important for such trees to get high enough to be pruned for minimal clearance above the biggest vehicles to use the roadways or paring lots. They should also be pruned above streetlamps and signs.
Clearance of signs is a serious problem…

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2 thoughts on “Horridculture – Microtrees

    1. In all of our many acres of landscapes at work, there had previously been only a single crape myrtle. It was tolerable. However, we added one in a prominent location for the summer bloom and autumn color, and then added three (!) more on a roadside. Oh my! I am trying to not think of them as ‘trees’. We planted them for their color, especially during summer, when we get the most traffic. In that regard, I am trying to think of them as bedding plants on sticks. They are working out nicely. We have too many trees here anyway.


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