This is the first ‘Six on Saturday’ post that I ever reblogged. I only do so because the post that I should reblog was somehow already reblogged. I do not know how, why or when. Anyway, this ‘Six on Saturday’ post is timely because the cannas are blooming now. Since posting these pictures three years ago, I identified #3 as Canna musifolia, and #5 as ‘Pretoria’. #6 is still ‘Wyoming’. I have no idea what #4 is.

Tony Tomeo

There are only four pictures of cannas here. I could have gotten two more for an even six, but would have needed to get them elsewhere. These six pictures were obtained within one of the landscapes at work. Except for pruning a grapevine and flowering cherry trees, I do not work in this garden, so can not take credit for these cannas. I will take credit for the pictures though.

However, I probably should have taken pictures that show the foliage in conjunction with the bloom. Without the foliage there is not much to distinguish the big orange flowers of the last two pictures from each other.

1. Kangaroo paw, Anigozanthus, is one of my lesser favorite perennials, but happens to be one of the more practical for the chaparral climate. Besides, this one happens to be rather pretty. I do not know what cultivar, or even what species…

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