Perhaps this old article will compensate for the lack of flowery pictures here while the weather is so wild.

Tony Tomeo

Six on Saturday‘ is a meme that I participate in on Saturday morning. The link below explains that participants post pictures from our gardens, landscapes, greenhouses, or wherever we find subjects of horticultural interest. You might post six of your own.

I posted this second set of six this afternoon both because these six pictures will be outdated by next Saturday, and because they are more relevant to horticulture than the six that I posted this morning.

1. Rose – Unless there is a rose out there somewhere that I neglected to prune, this is the last rose bloom of last year. It got pruned after I got this picture. Even here, roses get to hibernate.P00118K-1

2. Wallflower – Does it look like it cares that it is the middle of winter? Actually, from a distance, it is more obvious that sporadic bloom is somewhat subdued. It just…

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4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Calm Before The Storm

    1. Zayante Creek is now lower than it was last night. Most of the crew was either trying to contain a mudslide on the main road here, or directing traffic around it. I did not know until they all came here afterward. (My radio was off.) Evacuated neighbors are able to return home now. A bit of rain is expected during the next few days, but it is not expected to be excessive.

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