Perhaps I should have shared updates on these seed. To be brief, I should have utilized bottom heat.

Tony Tomeo

P00223-2 All those palm seed . . . and saguaro cactus.

This is worse than the various seed that I happen to collect at work. It is worse than the seed of various species that I brought back from Oklahoma. These are seed that I purchased online and then misplaced . . . for a few years . . . or actually several years. Some were already old at the time, so are about a decade old now. There are leftovers from seed that were sown in 2010.

There was not much expense involved. Back then, they were even less expensive than they would be now. Those that I got a significant volume of were purchased mainly because they were so inexpensive. I figured I could find homes for the surplus that grew from them later. Most of the seed were purchased from eBay. Some were randomly collected for free from…

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2 thoughts on “Expiration Date

    1. It did not go well. However, I believe that environmental stimuli contributed more to the unimpressive results than compromised viability. I should have used bottom heat. So far, only the Washingtonia filifera, California fan palm, germinated well. I have not discarded the flats yet, so may put them into a warm exposure this year. If some of the seed stayed viable for this long, they may not mind another year.


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