80110Relative to other pines and evergreens that are commonly grown as living Christmas trees, the uncommon and even rare Austrian pine, Pinus nigra, would be a better option. If it gets planted too close to the home, as Christmas trees often do, it does not get big enough to cause major problems. Although much bigger in the wild, local trees may take decades to reach second story eaves.

The species is divided into two subspecie, which are each divided into three regional varieties, which is a fancy way of saying that individual trees may have distinct personalities. Generally, they resemble Japanese black pine, with similar irregular branch structure, but are more dense, and may get a few pendulous stems with age. The dark green needles are slightly shorter and stouter.

The Austrian pine was likely named as such when much of its natural range was still within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which has since been subdivided into the countries east of the Adriatic Sea. Other larger parts of the range are in Turkey and Spain. Only a small colony lives within Austria, west of Vienna. Austrian pine likes full sun and warmth like it would get naturally back home.

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    1. It is hard to say, but a long time ago, there may have been more within the area that is now Austria. The natural ranges of species changes both naturally, and as a result of what people do within the areas that they inhabit.

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  1. The pine that grow on our property are white (5 letters) pine (5 needles) and red pine ( 3 needles) … Convenient …that is how I remember which is which. Austrian Pine: I am familiar with this species …hardy zone 4 to 7 which includes us . It is sold in local garden centers and planted as a landscape addition.

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    1. If you put your white pine between two red pines, you will have the colors of the Austrian flag!
      I never noticed that about the numbers of letters in the words though. It might be more reliable than the number of needles in some of the pines that are variable.


      1. We are on the south coast of Nova Scotia and expecting a big storm snow, ice pellets and rain with 100 km winds and gusts to 140. We are hoping our big older pine, maple & hemlock trees fair OK through this event.

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