P80103+Like something from an old fashioned science fiction movie, this anomaly appeared in a roadway overnight. There are several more in other roadways and elsewhere about town. They are quite wet. In fact, they are composed almost completely of water. What is even weirder is that the water that they are composed of actually fell mysteriously from the sky overnight as many countless droplets all over town! Many of these droplets migrated into low spots such as this one to form what we now see in this picture.

People in other climates where these mysterious droplets are not so rare might be familiar with this sort of phenomenon. The droplets of water are known as ‘rain’. They precipitate out of the atmosphere as it cools and can not contain as much water vapor as it did when it was warmer. As the droplets migrate into low spots in roadways and anywhere else, they accumulate into these collective herds of droplets known as ‘puddles’. Many of the droplets continue to migrate as huge herds known as ‘creeks’, and even bigger creeks known as ‘rivers’. Some of these creeks and rivers migrate into really big puddles known as ‘ponds’, and even bigger ponds known as ‘lakes’. Sadly, not all of the droplets can be accommodated in ponds and lakes, so many continue to migrate out into the ‘ocean’, which is that really big pond full of salty water to the west that we are all familiar with.

Hopefully, some of these droplets of rain will stay around for a while and provide water for the plants in our gardens and forests. Ideally, some will burrow into the ground and stay for a very long time, and maybe even migrate into the aquifer to hibernate. In our climate, particularly after such a long and dry summer and autumn, these strange droplets of rain are very welcome to stay as long as they want to.


17 thoughts on “‘Rain’

  1. Thank you — I wondered a couple of weeks ago what those odd drops of water were that were falling from the sky! It would have been nice if there were a few more and they were aimed a little better at the fires! (The Whittier Fire began July 8, and was today declared 100% contained. The more recent Thomas Fire has burned about 182K acres, and is 82% contained after 30 days. The earth is glazed, and any rain will simply run off either to the ocean or to pollute reservoirs!)

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      1. It’s really slowed down — that’s only 1K acres in the last week or so. It’s burning in wilderness, where they can’t get to it, and only flareups now — if you didn’t know there’s a fire, you might miss it completely.. They are anticipating complete containment by 1/12. I have some photos that I’ll post in a few days == it was pretty interesting driving through the area!

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      2. San Marcos Pass is pretty dangerous, especially southbound — if I take that, I am going north. Sepulveda Pass (405 near Beverly Hills) also shows its fire, again particularly southbound. It was a shorter, smaller fire (about 500 acres), but as you go through you can see why there was concern for the Getty Center! I hope we’ve seen the last of the bad fires for a while, but there’s no appreciable rain predicted down here for some time, and talk of the return of drought.

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      3. If I could, I would take Highway 1 all the way down there. I dread the traffic on the freeways as much as the traffic on the surface streets. Once I get there, if I get there, I do not do much driving.


      1. They are a traditional flower of Dia de los Muertos! Although I hate Halloween, I do like Dia de los Muertos. I think it is how Halloween was meant to be celebrated. (The two holidays are related. Halloween is ‘All Hollowed’s Eve’, or the day before Dia de los Muertos.)

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