80314This is an extreme bloomer! Cineraria, Pericallis X hybrida, blooms with composite flowers, which means that each small daisy flower is really a whole bunch of minute flowers clustered together to look like a single flower. As if this were not impressive enough, a whole bunch of these composite flowers are clustered together on top of each big wide floral truss. They are not easy to ignore.

Blue, red, purple or pink bloom can be so profuse that the rich green basal foliage is only visible around the edges and below the domed trusses. Individual flowers usually (but not always) have white halos around dark centers. The soft leaves below are somewhat wide and rounded, with variably toothed margins. Big plants can get as high and wide as a foot. Some are more compact.

Cinerarias are most often obtained while blooming, enjoyed as potted plants, and then discarded after bloom, although with a bit of effort and shelter from frost and heat, they can be sustained as potted perennials to bloom again. They can be grown as short term bedding plants after frost in spring, but they require a slight bit of partial shade, regular watering and richly organic medium.


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    1. You might have seen them as potted plants in the supermarket, but not know what they were. That is the most common way we see them even here. Those in nurseries are usually in four inch pots, or rarely gallons.

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