These were only recently planted, within the past few weeks, so are not completely filled in. That of course is unimportant for pictures of only the flowers close up. I have not grown petunias for many years, but I am getting to like these because they are so colorful in the sunnier spots. There are busy Lizzy in the shadier spots. (I can explain that later.) It is not easy to select a favorite. Although the white petunia should be my favorite, I really like how brightly colorful the first one ‘Dreams Sky Blue’ is on the side of the road. ‘Blue Madness’ and ‘Red Madness’, the second and third pictures, are so reminiscent of petunias that we grew many years ago, and might even be the same. The unknown petunia in the fifth picture is the only one here that I do not like much, and it did not work out as well as hoped anyway. It is planted in hanging pots, but does not cascade. That is why a few ‘Wave Lavender’ in the fourth picture were added in with them. The white petunia happens to be only one of a mix of various colors.

The first three were planted in beds at ground level. The fourth was planted both in an elevated planting bed, and added to hanging baskets with the fifth. The fifth was the first to be planted in the hanging baskets, but is not cascading as expected. The sixth, along with a variety of other colors, is in a few large planter boxes, so will hopefully cascade somewhat, but does not need to.

1. Dreams Sky BlueP80609
2. Midnight MadnessP80609+
3. Red MadnessP80609++
4. Wave LavenderP80609+++
5. This variety is unknownP80609++++
6. This variety is unknown and includes a mix of colors.P80609+++++
This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Petunias

      1. “Trademark“ may not have been the right word I wanted to use … but my thought was that your series are very interesting and I look forward to a new one every Saturday

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      2. Thank you. There is nothing wrong with the terminology. I know that I tend to take close up pictures of the flowers like I did when I grew rhododendrons. I will continue to do so, but will also throw in some pictures of landscapes as well.

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    1. Oh, nasturtiums are my favorite! . . . even though there are not white ones . . . and they are weeds . . . and . . . well, anyway, they are my favorites. We just planted petunias because it is in a public space, where we need it to be immediately and reliably showy. There is too much potential for problems with nasturtiums.


  1. Nice Six, Tony. Petunias have charm. I start lots of them from seed each year for deck pots, and they won’t bloom for another couple weeks. Of course I also love the white and blues. This year I grew the Aladdins.

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    1. I had to look that up because I do not know the Aladdins. I would not have selected petunias, but they work for the particular applications. The mixed group looks a bit overdone, but there are not too many of them.

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      1. I heard about those; but ours happen to be the same old varieties that we grew years ago. I did not procure them, so I did not ask how this was possible. They are doing quite nicely! I want to see the new varieties, even if we do not grow them,, just to see how they compare to the traditional ones. I am worried that they will be more like the New Guinea hybrids.

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  2. I know I’m being picky, although I like the look of petunias, I dislike the feel of them very much. As for dead heading, I do to with the hedge clippers! I love the colour of your number five.

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    1. That is not being picky. I think many of us dislike the foliar texture. They are rather sticky after deadheading beds of them.
      That is the second vote for number 5, which happens to be my least favorite. It will probably be the winner this week.


    1. I have not grown them in years, but am getting to like these. They were more popular when I was a kid. Red, white and blue were very popular in the summer of 1976. They were not the weird blotched, striped, streaked, spotted and whatever has been done to the modern colors. They were simple and clear red, white and blue.

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