P80617Astrology is an interesting concept. It is amazing how accurate the various zodiacs are. In fact, they are so accurate, that all twelve of the zodiacs can apply to just about anyone, regardless of their respective birthday.

For example, Gemini people are gentle, affectionate, curious and adaptable. Well, who isn’t? If I told you that these traits applied to Leo, Aquarius or Sagittarius, would you believe me? The weaknesses of Gemini are nervousness, inconsistency and indecisiveness. We all of us experience these weaknesses at one time or another. Gemini people like music, books, magazines and strolling about town. What about Aries, Capricorn and Taurus? Don’t they? Are Gemini people unique in their dislike for loneliness, confinement or repetition? Probably not.

June 20 will be the end of Gemini. It will then be time for Cancer, with its set of distinctive traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Gardening according to astrology might seem to be just as ‘accurate’, but there is a bit more science to justify it. Back before calenders were commonly in use, the seasons were identified by the weather. Since weather changes like . . . well, like the weather, astrology provided another level of accuracy based on the time of year rather than on variable weather. For years when warm weather lingered into autumn, astrology dictated when cool season vegetables needed to be planted, even if the weather suggested that it was too early. Astrology was also used to forecast the last frost date, even while winter was still cold. It might have taken decades to compile enough data for the system to work, but it really was, and continues to be effective. After all, the calendars that we use now are based on the position of the Earth within the Solar System, or in other words, astrology.

12 thoughts on “Gemini

  1. The magician Randi once did an experiment in which he gave each person in a group a supposedly personalized horoscope. After each person agreed that his or her individual horoscope fit pretty well, Randi revealed he’d written the exact same thing on each piece of paper.

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  2. A lot of people are greatly helped by astrology – I mean, think of all those people writing horoscopes every day in the local paper. Where else would they earn money? :~))
    To be serious for a moment, if you were to design an astrological garden, I wonder what it would look like?

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    1. People probably do it quite often. I mean that scheduling the processes of gardening according to the stars and planets is no different from scheduling according to dates on a calendar. It is just a different method of scheduling.


  3. I appreciate astrology very much esp when it comes from the credible and verified source. Paper articles are usually totally inaccurate. Every sign can relate to magazine postings, but published books are usually on target..

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    1. Like many sciences, it has been watered down and diluted by what is found in newspapers. It was probably more accurate a long time ago. But of course, a long time ago, people were more aware of what the stars and planets were doing.

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      1. I think that it is the sort of thing that no one ever learns completely. Fortunately, most of us only use the more basic information, such as when to plant, which is easy enough to read about. Even without knowing the source of the information, it is easy enough to acquire such information, for example about planting schedules, how to predict weather (somewhat), the seasons for harvesting things that are not so obvious about their optimum seasons, etc. Only a few decades ago, people could tell a bit about the weather just by looking to see how clear the stars were shining, or if they were sparkling, or if there was a halo around the moon, etc. It is easier to just ask the computer now (although the computer does not really look at the stars.)

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  4. Gardening to the ancients was not gardening,… it was survival. Also, they were not blinded by artificial night lights… so they looked up. They noticed and used the rhythm of growth and retreat as echoed by the cycle and position of the Moon though the phases and signs. Moon gardening works.

    At this point I must tell you a joke favoured by astrologers… ” I am a ….. (insert your own sun sign) and we are sceptical, so I don’t believe in astrology”.


    1. Well, I don’t believe in astrology, but I think I like it because some people use it in a positive way. I mean, the messages are basically good. I still prefer to separate it from more practical forms, such as using the cycles of the stars and planets to remind us of what to do in the garden and elsewhere.


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