P80926It wasn’t even two days. The article about the ‘Illegal Planting’ of the Memorial Tree in Felton Covered Bridge Park posted at noon on Saturday, and then on Sunday night or early Monday morning, the Memorial Tree was vandalized. Fortunately, it is nothing serious. A small bag of trash was impaled onto the binding stake that is there to keep the trunk straight, which pushed the top of the small tree aside. It needed to be bound to a new stake anyway.
(I do not often condone the use of binding stakes, but this particular tree contends with considerable abuse that causes structural distortion. The article from noon last Saturday is https://tonytomeo.com/2018/09/22/illegally-planting/ .)
Was it done by the haters who snivel about the Memorial Tree just being there? Probably not. The timing is suspicious. The technique is consistent with their style. However, they have been behaving for quite a while, and have not yet posted pictures of the vandalism to blame those they dislike, as they typically do. They are predictably vain in regard to gloating about such ‘community’ activism, particularly if they can also blame their victims for any incidental damages. ( https://tonytomeo.com/2017/12/09/hate-destroys/ )
As annoying as it is, this particular vandalism was most likely executed by someone who just did not put much thought into how bothersome it would be. It might have been done because of the lack of receptacles in which to deposit trash. Perhaps the bag of trash was impaled onto the stake so that it would be easier to retrieve and dispose of when the trash receptacles were returned to the site. The option of dropping it onto the ground might have been been perceived to be more like littering.
Perhaps I am being too optimistic and too generous with excuses.

11 thoughts on “Horridculture – Vandals

  1. The memorial tree is in a very vulnerable spot, both to vandalism and accident. Too bad that it’s island could not be enlarged to maybe at least twice the area and higher curbs installed along with a fence. Parking lots need to have more shade anyway.

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    1. The first tree that was installed with the original landscape was killed by accident. A car drove over it. Enlarging the island would not likely help much. I think that if someone drives over it, a few extra feet will not make much of a difference. We can only hope that the tree grows up fast and gets big enough to survive such an accident. The tree across the roadway was also hit by a car but survived. The trunk is missing a long strip of bark that was scraped off as the car knocked it down and drove over it.


    1. It is easier to believe that this was done by someone who does not understand how bothersome this was. Heck, it could have been done by someone with mental health problems. That would be more understandable than someone just being mean. Isn’t that sad? I mean it is sad that someone with mental health problems is more understandable than a hater.

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    1. It is important to remember that there are many more excellent people Our Community if full of them! The few nasty ones can not ruin everything. You might want to check out our Facebook page – Felton League.

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