IMG_1983Many towns display a Town Christmas Tree in a prominent and centrally located public space.

The Town Christmas Tree in Los Gatos is a now mature but formerly feral deodar cedar that grew by chance next to the railroad tracks where they passed through downtown a very long time ago. As the railroad tracks were removed, and the rail yard was redeveloped into the Town Plaza, the maturing cedar tree survived the process to become the most prominent tree there. Because it just happened to be a symmetrically conical coniferous tree in the most prominent spot in town, it was a natural choice for the Town Christmas Tree. It gets lit up and decorated for Christmas, and is where children can meet up with Santa Claus.

The Town Christmas Tree in Felton is the Featherstone Tree, which is a mature coastal redwood tree that happened to be planted right on the edge of Highway 9 a very long time ago by Mr. Featherstone, simply because he admired the species so much, . Like the Town Christmas Tree of Los Gatos, it just happened to develop into the right sort of tree in the right spot to become the Town Christmas Tree. It too gets lit up and decorated, although it is not as conical as it used to be.

Last year, someone delivered a decorated cut Christmas tree to a picnic area in Felton Covered Bridge Park, where many of the Homeless Community congregate. No one knows who delivered it, or how he, she or they did so undetected. It was a rather fancy tannenbaum (fir) that was not cheap. Someone or a few someones put quite a bit of effort and expense into this unusual gesture, to share a bit of joy with others in the Community.

It was not like a Town Christmas Tree for the Homeless Community, as if the Homeless Community is somehow separate from the rest of Felton. It was more like a household Christmas tree for those who lack a house to live in. It certainly made the annual Christmas Luncheon for the Homeless Community there at the picnic area much homier.

18 thoughts on “Tannenbaum

    1. Yes! Felton is like that. We have homelessness like any other Community, but the homeless are well taken care of, and often allowed to stay inside where they probably shouldn’t. It is a good place to be in a bad way.


    1. It gets even better! On holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the days prior to and afterward, people bring all sorts of food out for fancy dinners. It is the raddest thing. I mean, we get big dinners out on the picnic tables as one might get in a fancy dining room at home, and sometimes, there is so much that it is redundant to each other. By the time we finish one diner, another arrives! There is so much, that we sometimes package leftovers for ‘those in need’ . . . as if there is anyone in need here. I don’t mean to brag, but I will. Other communities could learn something from the Felton League. Have you seen us on Facebook?

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      1. I don’t use Facebook, but that is wonderful. We need more stories of people helping people. I have to say in the Houston area, we do have many that step up to help individuals, but I think if more hear about it more will do it.

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    1. Yes! That is how Felton is. Some communities need to put a bit of effort into getting enough for those in need. In Felton, I am instead concerned about what to do with the leftovers! We have a refrigerator in a barn, so we will have enough for days. We have a storage loft for all the clothing and bedding that we get in autumn. We have our own Facebook page at Felton League.


  1. Merry Christmas Tony and thanks for the great effort that you must out in to do these very entertaining, interesting and useful blogs. I don’t say all the time but I do enjoy each one. All the best in the new year. Blog on!!

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