P80110We are now two days into it. Is it any different than three days ago, the last day of autumn? Not really. Even in harsher climates, the changes from one season to the next are gradual. Like the phases of the moon, the seasons are constantly phasing out of the previous, and into the next. The dates of the first and last days of each season, which are determined by the position of the Earth within its orbit around the sun, are technicalities.
Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are of course opposite of what they are here. That seems odd to me. The calendar is the same there as here. It seems obvious to me that winter and all seasons should be determined by the same dates there that they are determined by here. If winter began last Friday here, it should have done the same there, on the the same date. Longer days and warmer weather are consequences of location, south of the Equator. It is hard to imagine that January and February are summer there.
It also seems odd to me that all maps are oriented with North directed towards the top. Shouldn’t South be at the top South of the Equator? Must Australia be the ‘land down under’ to those who live there? Things would be so much simpler if Columbus has just stayed home, and the World was still flat.
Anyway, we do not get much winter here. The weather gets a bit cooler, and we will eventually get more rain. When I went to Oklahoma six years ago, I thought that I would finally get to experience a real winter, but we left just before New Year’s Day, while the weather was still somewhat mild. This little bit of snow was about all we got.

15 thoughts on “Winter

    1. Your re-blogging dateline is December 11 2021 at 2:14 pm. So I presume then, that if the 11th is 5 days into winter, winter for you would have started December 6.
      Astronomical winter starts December 21, 2021 at 10:59 am ET here in Southwestern Ontario Canada. It will last 88 days, 23 hours, and 34 minutes.
      Meteorological winter starts December 1 and runs to February 28 or 29 if there happens to be one.
      There are apparently other definitions as to the start and end of winter.
      So I’m curious what defines your start of winter. I do find all this sort of thing quite fascinating.

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      1. Reblogged posts can not be scheduled for a later date. It is therefore necessary to reblog them directly, and then edit the date for their posting. This one is scheduled for December 26. You just happened to see it after it was reblogged, but before I edited the date of posting.


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