IMG_8681What is this? It looks more like hail now. It was softer and squishier when it fell out of the sky only an hour or so before this picture was taken. There was a slight bit of snow up on Summit above Los Gatos. It will probably melt as quickly as the clouds clear to let the sunlight through. Snow sometimes appears on the higher peaks around the region, but is rare in lower elevations. Forty three years ago from today, on February 5 in 1976, snow fell in the Santa Clara Valley. It was about half an inch deep in some areas, an inch and a half in others, and was the last snow to fall there.

17 thoughts on “Snow?

    1. Oh my! How embarrassing. It was neither sunny, nor a Buick! That slushy stuff is on the windshield of a very worn out old 1989 S10 Blazer. (Years ago, we started calling it a ‘Bravada’, because I would rather drive an Oldsmobile than a Chevrolet.)


  1. Forty one years ago today the Northeast was buried in something called “the Blizzard” of ’78.” As much as 3 feet of snow feel over 2 days. I was living in NJ on an island at the shore at the time–I remember them clearing the streets with bulldozers because we never got snow in amounts like that. It was crazy.


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      1. Leaves on trees and snow and ice sure aren’t a good mix, no. A few years ago we got 6″ of snow way too early, and trees and limbs broke everywhere around here, lines down, etc. I had a friend over with his chainsaw to help clean up my back yard.

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