90213Even with all the unusual breeds of daffodil and related narcissus that are available nowadays, the traditional big yellow types that resemble the classic ‘King Alfred’ daffodil are probably still the most popular, even if real ‘King Alfred’ are unavailable. Although all narcissus are daffodils, the term ‘daffodil’ typically refers to those with fewer but bigger and bolder flowers that lack fragrance.

Their dormant bulbs got planted last autumn to wait out winter and then bloom along with the earliest of spring blooming bulbs. They can be planted in later phases to prolong bloom, but once they naturalize, will bloom annually and early on a rather reliable schedule. Most types are pleased to naturalize if conditions are right for them, although some of the fancier varieties are less reliable.

Besides the familiar bright yellow, daffodils can be pale yellow, cream, white, orange or pink, although orange and pink are mostly in conjunction with other colors. Some varieties bloom with double flowers, or other varied forms. Taller types can stand a foot and a half tall, with the flowers suspended just above the narrow, mostly vertical and somewhat rubbery bluish green leaves.


2 thoughts on “Daffodil

  1. Such a glorious yellow. I love bulbs. Whatever variety you have there is so pretty with the little white tips at the end of the petals.

    I have ‘Ziva’ about to bloom (indoors of course) and am still waiting for my first round of forced ‘Elicheer.’

    Despite what most folks think, I am just fine with the scent of regular paperwhites.

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    1. Do most people not find the fragrance of paperwhites to be favorable? That would be crazy. When I was a kid, the two most common were the classic big yellow daffodils (like ‘King Alfred’ or the one in the picture) and paperwhites. I got them from abandoned cut flower crops behind my Pa’s home in Montara. They were excellent! The fragrance of the paperwhites was intoxicating if too strong. I can not imagine anyone disliking it, especially with some of the other popular fragrances that others fine appealing, like viburnum.


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