60330The flowers may not last very long once cut, but cosmos, Cosmos bipinnatus, blooms so abundantly, that there might not be any shortage of new flower to cut and bring in to replace those cut a day or two before. Their pastel pinks and lavenders, as well as white, suit the Easter season perfectly. Their soft light green foliage is remarkably lacy. Mature plants are about two to four feet tall.

‘Seashells’ has distinctively tubular petals (which are actually ray florets around the perimeter of each composite flower). ‘Daydream’ flowers each have a typical yellow center surrounded by a pink inner ring, which is surrounded by a lighter outer ring. ‘Sensation’ is a mix of tall varieties. ‘Versailles stays less than three feet tall. The popular ‘Sonata’ series stays less than two feet tall.

Cosmos likes full sun, somewhat rich soil, and regular watering. If it is happy enough, it can self sow.

7 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. You have reminded me of a good flower I used to have in the garden: easy to grow and they always self sowed for a couple of years
    . I just might try them again, although they tend to grow a bit high sometimes and need some support, but a very welcome splash of colour in the garden.

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    1. Ours started out at a nice medium height, but reverted to be taller after a few generations. It was not a problem out in the pasture where they were, but it might have been more bothersome if they were in a garden where space is more confined. They were so pretty close up, and also from a distance. They could be seen as a big drift of pink fro the road up above.

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    1. Cosmos sulphureus is yellow or orange. I would actually prefer Cosmos sulphureus because I think that it looks more distinguished than the common cartoonish cosmos. However, it takes a bit more effort to grow here, and does not self sow as much as it might in other regions.

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