60420Red trumpet vine, Distictis buccinatoria, is more green than red. The tubular orangish red flowers with yellow throats are pretty while weather is warm, but not too abundant. Slightly distressed plants tend to bloom more abundantly. Each evergreen compound leaf is a pair of leaflets with a sneaky central tendril that will grab onto anything while holdfast discs get a more permanent grip.

Vines tolerate significant shade, but will find their way to sunnier situations where they grow more aggressively. They can easily reach the roof of a two story house, and grow out of reach in trees. Their holdfast discs will damage paint, and even shingles! Overgrown plants can be cut to the ground and allowed to regenerate.

Red trumpet vine wants to be watered somewhat regularly while young. Mature plants can disperse their roots well enough to find water if they do not get it directly.

3 thoughts on “Red Trumpet Vine

  1. One website says of this species that it “is not for the horticulturally faint of heart nor those who detest pruning.” That accords with your pointing out that these vines in sunlight “grow more aggressively. They can easily reach the roof of a two story house, and grow out of reach in trees.”


  2. We have a lot of wild trumpet vine in the willow tree area of the orchard which is near the slough. Hummingbirds thrive all summer in this area. It is one of my favorite places to just sit and reflect. the trumpet vine is gorgeous like this – wild, reaching high into the tree tops.


  3. That’s one of those things I wish I never had. The former owner of my property planted it, and I didn’t like where it was, and I’ve been trying to get rid of it’s root shoots for years.


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