If mushrooms could fly, they might look like this. Doesn’t it look like it is ready for take off? Maybe it looks like it is dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. I thought it looks something like the flying nun. Regardless of what it looks like, it was so weird that I took its picture.

I can not explain why it is in this weird position. It appeared just as the weather was warming up, and most of the earlier mushrooms were already gone or deteriorating. Perhaps the upper surface dried out a bit in the sunlight, and tightened up on the lower surface that remained more hydrated. Since I did not go back after getting this picture, I do not know what it did afterward, or how long it lasted. Perhaps it really did fly away!

This mushroom was just a few yards from where I got the picture of those associated with oak root rot fungus, Armillaria mellea,which many of us know as honey fungus. https://tonytomeo.com/2018/12/02/the-humongous-fungus-among-us/ Those mushrooms grew and deteriorated back in December. The other five types of mushrooms that I got pictures of to post along with a later picture of the oak root rot fungus mushrooms for a ‘Six on Saturday’ post were found just a few more yards away in another direction. https://tonytomeo.com/2018/12/29/six-on-saturday-shrooms/ They did their thing later in December, but still a few months ago.

There are always some sort of mushrooms out and about in riparian environments closer to the creeks and streams. They are just not as abundant now as they were during the rainy weather late in winter. Those out in drier and warmer spots that do not get watered regularly do not often develop so late into spring. They seem to know how to exploit the favorable weather.

9 thoughts on “If Mushrooms Could Fly

  1. I run across mushrooms a lot. There sure are some odd formations out there! It is morel mushroom time here… we picked a nice bag of them last weekend and enjoyed them immensely. If we get very many, I dry them for later use. They’re east to re-hydrate!

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    1. Chanterelles are the big deal here. There are many of who have their ‘secret’ place for collecting them, and it seems like everyone is doing so, yet I NEVER see them in markets, or restaurants, or . . . .anywhere! If there are so many out there, where are they going?

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      1. People don’t give out secret locations here either! And I never see morels in the stores. I dehydrate any extras I get, but I bet most people here fry them up in a light egg and flour batter and snarf them up immediately! They are DEE LICIOUS!!


      2. Country Boy Market, which is now Harp’s market, near Little Axe had as much produce from here as our local market have, including common mushrooms from Morgan Hill. I thought it was odd that they could be imported from 1,600 miles away! It seems like some of the other obscure types should not be so obscure if they could be grown and exported too. The common types might be common just because they are so easily exported, while the others might be too potentially perishable.

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