60629It is fair to say that garden verbena, Verbena X hybrida, is a reliable warm season annual. It gets planted in spring to spread out and bloom through summer with bright pink, red, purple or almost blue, or softer pastel pink or pale white. It is commonly replaced with cool season annuals by late autumn. However, garden verbena is actually a short term perennial that can survive winter to bloom for a few years.

Perhaps individual plants do not last long enough to be practical as permanent ground cover. Yet, if mulched just so, the thin branches can root where they touch the ground, and then grow into new plants to replace the original plants before they die out. Stems do not spread or cascade much more than a foot from where they are rooted. Nor do they stand more than six inches deep.

5 thoughts on “Garden Verbena

    1. They can be rather flashy if they survive through winter and come back bigger and better the following summer; but even if they do, they do not last forever. I plugged some (from cell packs) with #1 (1 gallon) trailing rosemary to grow up fast and colorfully. By the time they died off two or three years later, the rosemary was ready to replace them.

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  1. I love verbena of all colors, but have never been successful with them. Heavy soil and too much shade, is, I think the culprit. But I sure enjoy seeing them when they work in a garden.

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