P91123KThere have been only three hints at precipitation since last spring.

The (sideways) picture above shows the same dampened hood of a Chevrolet that provided the illustration for a post on another blog on September 30.

The picture below shows a similarly dampened but different windshield from that which provided the illustration for a post on November 16, regarding a bit of precipitation two days prior, on November 14.P91123K+

All four pictures here were actually taken just after a very brief rain shower that happened just after midnight on November 19. I tried to be artistic with them, but I am not a photographer.

The picture below demonstrates how difficult it is to hold the camera steady while getting a close up picture of rain dripping from a lumber rack at night. Do digital cameras automatically extend exposure to accommodate for the darkness? Is it blurred or merely ‘abstract’?P91123K++

The rain shower was very brief, lasting only a few minutes, but dropped dozens of individual raindrops, maybe more than a hundred! In fact, there were enough of them to collectively flow from one of the roofs, accumulate in a gutter, and flow down this downspout and onto the pavement below! (I really do not know why a diverter is needed on pavement, but there it is.)P91123K+++

I bet that if all the precipitation than fell from the sky during these last three incidents could have been collected, there would have been more than a pint! As excellent as it was, it was not even the best of it. For the first time since last spring, a storm is predicted to move in and start RAINING about noon on Tuesday, November 26! Showers should continue afterward.

The rainy season will likely begin with this first storm. That is how the weather typically operates here.

17 thoughts on “Almost RAIN!

    1. Yes, weather, like everything else, is a bit weirder in Southern California. The heaviest rain I ever experienced was in Beverly Hills, immediately after a day of splendid and clear weather. It was torrential for a bout fifteen minutes, and then abruptly stopped and cleared up as if it never happened. It was like getting hit with a really big water balloon on a warm summer day.

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  1. We haven’t seen anything since May here, but we are waiting on that same storm as you. Tuesday night is a 90% chance with up to 1/2 inch predicted. That will be nice after the wind we are expected to get on Monday as that storm approaches. The last wind storm that came through turned the sky brown with all the dust, so some moisture will be very welcome to clean out the air here.

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  2. There have been many models of digital cameras with many features. Even if a camera has a certain feature, you’ll still have to turn it on if it’s not on by default. Cameras set to shutter-priority mode opt for slower shutter speeds (longer exposures) when the light is dim. Some cameras can automatically raise the ISO (i.e. sensitivity to light of the camera’s sensor) to deal with low light, thereby avoiding a very long (and shaky) exposure.

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    1. That is sort of what I figured. I mean, if they are digital, and are therefore not using film, they should be able to do what they need to with the light available within a more typical exposure.


  3. The rain on the 26th was a REAL blessing in SoCal! It helped extinguish a potentially awful brush fire — by the morning of the 27th, there were both rain and snow falling (in the mountains) on the fire to help put it out! Will post about it soon!

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      1. Well, it is comparing opposite sides of the mountains. One is the rainy side. One is the dry side. I sort of want to know how much rain the other side got though.


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