Cymbidiums are the most familiar orchids.

Of all the many and varied orchids, cymbidium orchids are the most popular because they are the easiest to grow. They are naturally terrestrial, so can be grown in the ground if the media (soil) is coarse and rich enough. (epiphytic orchids that naturally grow in crotches of trees want coarse bark in well drained pots.) They are also more tolerant of cool weather than tropical orchids are.

Plants with slightly yellowish leaves tend to bloom better. If the foliage is too dark green, it may not be getting enough sunlight. Regular application of fertilizer may promote bloom, although some plants do not seem to be too demanding. Watering may need to be as frequent as every three days through summer.

The arching flower stalks that begin to appear over winter may bloom for two months. They can be three feet tall, so stand well above the strap shaped leaves that get about two feet tall. Each stalk has many waxy flowers that can be two or three inches wide, in almost any color but blue. Most flowers are pastel hues of pink, lavender, yellow, orange, chartreuse, tan or white, and are intricately spotted and blotched.

6 thoughts on “Cymbidium Orchid

  1. Good information on orchids. Thanks. My orchids last longer than cut flowers so even if they don’t rebloom they are a good buy. One the flowers dry on the stalks and it is still lovely. I added it in late Novembers

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    1. Really? I was not too keen on it because of all the spots. It looks sort of like a common cultivar that grows so easily that we plant pups from it into rotting tree stumps to accelerate the rot. I just figured that since the Orchid Society of Santa Barbara sent me the picture, that it must be something rather interesting.

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      1. There is a white one blooming outside now. It has minimal blotches. I happen to like it, but it is relatively boring. Orchids excel at pastel colors. I just do not like the blotches so much.

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