Sweet bell peppers are actually more of a challenge to grow.

This illustration is relevant neither to the topic, nor to that really creepy rock band of the same name. Even though the band has been popular since I was in high school, all that I know about them is that I am none too keen on their music. Embarrassingly, I do not know much more about the topic, and it has been a hot topic much longer than I have been growing my vegetables.

Vegetables make no music of course. I just mean that I am no more familiar with contemporary cultivars of hot pepper than I am with music that I do not appreciate. I happen to appreciate some types of peppers, and some of them happen to be hot peppers. However, I have not bothered to get acquainted with those that are so ridiculously hot that I do not want to grow them.

Why should I? What are they good for? Why waste my time, limited garden space and other resources on something that no one wants to eat or add to any recipe? They are not particularly productive. If they were, they would only make more of something that is just as useless as the few that each plant produces. I can not even justify putting effort into finding a picture of one.

Those who indulge in this fad brag about it profusely. They post pictures of their few tiny hot peppers online, with sensational claims that there is nothing hotter. Some post selfies with their free hand dangling one of their weird peppers over their extended Gene Simmons tongue. Some even post videos of their drunken friends tasting their peppers, as if it can not be done sober.

I suppose that, regardless of how pointless it seems to me, it is one way to enjoy gardening.


10 thoughts on “Horridculture – Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. Okay now clearly I missed part of this whole thing. I am in total agreement with you about the peppers–but somehow I have missed all the social media stuff with people doing crazy things. Then again, I guess I really didn’t miss a thing.


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  2. I’m not a fan of hot peppers. They do seem to be a fad in some quarters. And even when you try to be sensible, they seem to produce crazily so that you can’t use them all. I’ll stick to the sweet variety.

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    1. The big sweet bell peppers are not very productive for us, because. even during warm weather, the nights cool off nicely. They would prefer warmer nights. I sometimes grow them anyway. We grow a few of the hot peppers, but they are the sort that are useful in recipes or for pickling. I dislike the flavor and texture of jalapeno, but we grow them anyway because they happen to be rather productive here, and most of us like them.

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    1. I actually enjoy some of the spicy sorts too, but not those that ruin otherwise good food, or those that are only spicy, but lacking in flavor. (I actually dislike the popular jalapeno because of the rubbery texture and the distinctive flavor that accompanies the spiciness.) What is weird is that so many of those who indulge in the hot pepper fad do not even like spicy food.


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