The only reason we developed a small vegetable garden here this year is that we have been unable to go to work for about a month. Without my second most time consuming employment, I had time to clear a small unused space (which was not nearly as simple as that sounds) and sow seed for vegetables. It was a late start a month ago, but not too late.

In fact, there was still time to do it before the last storm to go through. I know that sounds trivial, but as a Californian who is accustomed to gardening in a chaparral climate, and sometimes where there is no water available, planting prior to a storm ‘seems’ to be rather important. I know it is not. Water is available here. Otherwise, I would not grow vegetables.

Not only was there a storm, but there was a second storm later! Of course, it is not really that simple. The first light duty storm was nice, and soaked things sufficiently. Then the weather stayed strangely cool for this time of year. Nothing germinated. Then the second storm was brief but torrential enough to erode all of the recently sown seed right out of the new garden!

It was too comical for me to be too annoyed by it. I only needed to see what survived the erosion so that I could replace what did not. I almost replaced everything anyway, just because I was that certain that nothing survived.

Well, as it turned out, not much was missing! The garden got a slow start, and was delayed again by cool weather, but somehow seems to be recovering nicely. Even some of the very old seed that I did not expect to be viable has germinated.

A late batch of radish somehow survived.

Now, I must go work in the garden.


Late but ready to go.

14 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

      1. Corn went in because so many here want corn. I do not like wasting space and water on it, but It is better than arguing with what people want. Besides, it is pretty darn good. I did now so much, but want to add a new phase every three weeks or so.

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  1. NICE! I have a new motor and tires for the tiller so I will have a garden this year. I don’t get in any hurry because night temps have been in their 30’s still last week. This week the forecast is warmer but there could be rain. Usually, I plant the first part of May and I am ready. The potted plants I keep inside over the winter are about ready to be moved outside, too. Take care and stay well.

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    1. It is embarrassing to be so late by the standards of climates where such procedures start later anyway! It may be slightly late in some regions, but it is seriously late here. Well, it is nothing that a few red mulberry cuttings can not fix.

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  2. Oh, I’m glad they all didn’t wash away. You may see a patch of oddly placed vegetable sprouts at some point in the future. It’s been cold here, too, but radishes, carrots, beets, etc. are coming up along with a new crop of lettuces. Something to look forward to.

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