Zucchini is the exemplary summer squash.

Zucchini, Cucurbita pepo, is the epitome of summer squash. Because it is so easy to grow, it is the primary choice for gardens that can accommodate only one set of summer squash plants. The fruits can be yellow, dark green or dark green with a lacy gray pattern, Yet, the common medium green variety is still the most popular. It is likely the most vigorous and most productive of them all.

Like all summer squash, zucchini wants good warm exposure, rich soil and regular watering. Powdery mildew can be a problem if the foliage gets wet from watering late in the day. Foliage that is ruined by powdery mildew should be removed. Plants are easiest to grow from seed sown directly where they are desired, after the last frost. Two or three plants should grow together in each set.

Fruits are best before they get longer than eight inches or so, although they are edible at any stage. They can eventually grow as big as baseball bats. However, plants that produce such big fruits produce almost nothing else. Regular harvest promotes prolific production. Male flowers are more abundant than females flowers that produce the fruits. All flowers are edible before they shrivel.


10 thoughts on “Zucchini

  1. I guess I know what a courgette is from time I’ve spent in England! And eggplant is aubergine! I’ve never had good luck growing zucchini. I get a couple good fruits from a plant, and then it just kind of dissolves from the base up. I am very supportive of our local farmers’ market for my zucchinis!

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    1. Zucchini is the most reliable and most productive for me. That is why I grow it. There are other summer squash that I prefer, but they are not as productive. There are yellow crookneck squash out there now, right next to the zucchini. They are very good. In the future, for my own garden (if I do not share it with my colleagues), I would likely grow just one group of zucchini (two or three plants in a group), and other groups of other summer squash.


    1. The point is that it is productive and reliable. That is why I grow it, even though it is not my favorite. I prefer the yellow crookneck squash, but it is not as productive. I grow both, and it is a good compromise.

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