I certainly got good deals on these recent acquisitions. However, I have no idea what I will do with them.

It is such a bad habit! Even if I spend no money, I spend too much time perusing what I could spend a little bit of spare cash on. On rare occasion, I actually do spend a little bit on something that I can get a good deal on, not because I actually have any use for it, but merely because I got a good deal on it, . . . or because I believe that I may not be able to find it for sale again later.

Now, I have more than two hundred seed for Pygmy date palm, Phoenix roebelenii. They certainly were inexpensive, costing less than a few dollars. Most of the expense was for postage. It really was a good deal. However, I have no plan for so many Pygmy date palms. I do not expect all to germinate; but I have no plan for just half of them. Actually, I have no plan for just one.

The other seed to the right in the picture are for muscadine and scuppernong, Vitis rotundifolia. Although I purchased them as a ‘mix’, the seller kindly separated the two varieties. They are easier to accommodate than two hundred palms, and I really do have plans for them. I know growing them from seed is riskier than growing known cultivars, but I wanted them to be ‘wild’.

Regardless, I really should not have purchased even muscadine and scuppernong seed while there is so much other seed here that can not be accommodated. I really must sow all of the old seed this autumn or winter, whether I have plans for it or not. I suspect that most will not germinate. Some of the most questionable seed can be sown out in the garden rather than in flats.

No more eBay!


8 thoughts on “Horridculture – eBay

    1. Nurseries are easier to avoid. I am fortunate that I do not go into town much, and have not been there for a few months. Do you find that the discounted items are the most tempting?

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      1. Well, yes. They are no longer salable, so get sold at a discount. They look so forlorn and in need of a good home to recover in. They are more difficult to pass up than the healthy plants that will have no problem finding a home.

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  1. I have collected a bunch of seeds too, with no real good place to grow them. I bet many of them are too old by now. But like you said, it’s relatively cheap to try, so why not? Good luck with germinating them!

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    1. I brought back quite a bit of seed from Oklahoma; and I do not regret that at all. Those seed are important to me. Some of what I get online is just for fun, but is not so important. What is worse is that some of them grow into big trees, like California fan palm, Washingtonia filifera! I love the tree, but I have not idea of what to do with several of them. I wrote about a single seedling that grew from an old batch just recently, but also recently, I acquired a new batch of seed.

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