This would have been an ideal time for a seasonal update on the little Memorial Tree in Felton Covered Bridge Park. Until recently, it had been healthier and growing more vigorously than it had since it was installed a few years ago. It had survived major accidental damage, and was just beginning to thrive. Sadly […]

via Vandalism — Felton League

15 thoughts on “Horridculture – Vandalism

    1. Yes it is, and baffling that someone could not only hate the deceased so much, but that they could also hate the Community that should benefit from this tree.


  1. Poor little thing. If you plant another tree would you consider putting a tall fence around it, at least until it grew to a less vulnerable size? And add signs that say ‘this site is recorded 24/7.’

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    1. No, I would not want a fence. However, if the Parks Departments gets involved, they may cage it like they did with other trees that were planted in a reforestation project nearby.


  2. A cage sounds like a great idea. Vandals aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. You could get creative and post a sign, “DO NOT ENTER! This area is a deadly COVID-19 hotspot.”

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      1. There has been some of that in big cities like San Jose and Los Angeles. Less than one percent of such huge populations still amounts to enough to engage in such deplorable activities.

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      2. It makes me sad to see what is happening in the UK. The minority dictating . They even defaced our national hero’s statue ‘Winston Churchill’. Sigh … I felt so sad when I saw your tree.

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      3. Did you see what happened to the statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore?! Fortunately, such vandalism, even major vandalism, is done by very few within huge populaces. Thousands of people in Felton appreciate and respect our Community. Those who are acquainted with the homeless are remarkably compassionate to them. That is more important than one hateful vandal who feels compelled to express such contempt for the Community.


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