August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption, which celebrates when the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the end of her life, was assumed into Heaven, body and soul. In some cultures, it is known more simply as the Assumption, so is not considered a Feast Day. That would be fine with me. The vegetable garden is rather pathetic for the middle of August. There are plenty of cucumber, and more summer squash than we know what to do with, but the rest of the produce is slim pickings.

1. Squash – of this sort will not be ready until after the first frost next winter. Nonetheless, it seems to be maturing slowly. It should probably be substantially larger for this late in summer.P00815-1

2. Kale – could be either late or early. It is a spring or autumn vegetable here. Seed was sown late, but should have been later to be ready for autumn. It should survive, and start over later.P00815-2

3. Tomato – are better than they look here. The cherry tomatoes do not ripen in clusters though. I just pluck the ripe fruits off individually. None of the bigger tomatoes have ripened yet.P00815-3

4. Bean – vines have grown like weeds, but are just beginning to produce. I have never grown this variety before. The variety that I had always grown starts producing earlier, while young.P00815-4

5. Cucumber – production has been adequate. However, because I have not been watering regularly enough, the cucumber are rather bitter. I like how the vines climb up over the junipers.P00815-5

6. Squash – has been too productive! These are the summer squash, mostly zucchini, for the neighbors. However, there is nothing ‘ini’ about those that could not get harvested early enough.P00815-6

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Feast Of The Assumption

  1. The Feast of the Assumption – the days are gone here! It was always a “holy day” here in Ireland, shops and businesses closed etc. Also, it was the day of a race meeting (horses) in Tramore, a seaside town very close to us. For us “townies”, it was the day the country people (the “Culchies”0 arrived at the seaside, took off shoes and socks, rolled up trousers and paddled in the sea – and we would joke that it was possibly the first time water had touched their toes since the previous year!

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    1. It was still a Holy Day her when I was a kid, and still is in Communities with more of a Mexican influence. American culture certainly has a way of ruining perfectly good Holy Days. We all know what Halloween is, but few remember All Saints’ Day. Again, Mexican culture preserves it, as well as Dia de los Muertos afterward.

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      1. Dia de los Muertos was “All Souls Day” to us and I recall spending a large amount of the day at the church with my mother. There was a practice/belief that each visit to the church brought relief to the souls of the dead so we would go into the church, say a prescribed set of prayers, leave the church and then turn around and go in again to repeat the whole thing…again and again!

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      2. Why do thy need relief in Heaven? I would do it for those in the other place. The Holiday appeals to me, because it has been maintained with its traditions. So many Holidays in America have become excuses to party, get drunk and do stupid things. Thanksgiving, although not really a Holy Day, is my favorite Holiday here because of the appealing traditions, without the stupid ones.

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  2. Well, you do have the beginnings of a feast. Pleased to see someone note the Assumption. Your post reminds me of paintings of the Virgin Mary in a plant and vegetable filled heaven.

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    1. Plants and vegetables? That would be nice. Most of the paintings I can remember showed Heaven as full of clouds and fat cherubs. I hope it is dirtier than that, and fenced to keep those pesky cherubs out.


  3. Now you’ve got my etymological juices flowing. I’ve never thought about any relationship between the Feast of the Assumption and the assumptions we make about other people or situations. There’s research to be done!

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    1. It means about the same. The Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed to be perfect and without sin, and therefore qualified to enter into Heaven without the unpleasantries of death.


  4. Your nothing -ini made me smile. You’ve got a great crop though. Possums have eaten my sweetheart’s tomatoes, and a young one has even taken a bite out of one in his kitchen. He found it rustling in a bag of cat food.

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    1. Normally, I do not mind extra beans. I just can them. However, I have no time for canning this year. Some might get frozen (since there is a small freezer here). Otherwise, they will go to the post office too.


  5. Well, your zucchini looks good, anyway. Those big ones are good for shredding and baking bread. No vegetable garden for me this year, due to renovations done to our back deck and garden fence in early summer. It was supposed to be done in time for me to get some things planted, but . . . I do have two cherry tomatoes planted in big pots, and the first of the tomatoes is a faint orange color now, so there’s hope! I also have a bunch of basil in pots, but perhaps not enough to make and freeze the batches of pesto sauce I love to eat all winter long.

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