This recycled article fits into the ‘Horridculture’ category only because some might find it to be VERY objectionable. It is still one of my favorites.

via White Supremacy

6 thoughts on “White Supremacy

  1. Too funny! I mostly am not a fan of white flowers, but there are going to be millions of them blooming in this little forest. White snakeroot (the one that caused the milksick) is about to flower. Since deer avoid the plant, it tends to take over disturbed, deer infested woodlands. The upside is it’s a good nectar plant, and as the Monarchs pass through in fall, they really enjoy cruising through this sea of tiny white blooms.

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    1. I would like to use more white at work, not only because it is my favorite color, but also because there is so much shade in redwood forests. There is quite a bit of light pink, and not much dark color.


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