The color is better this year than it was when this was written three years ago. Nonetheless, foliar color here is not as impressive as it is where weather is already cooler.

Tony Tomeo

P71202After reading so much about the exquisite foliar color that most everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere gets this time of year, I must admit, I can get rather envious of those who experience four seasons instead of just two. The abundance of spring in the Southern Hemisphere does not help. Why have I not found a garden blog from Ecuador or Indonesia so that I have something to point and laugh at? It just isn’t fair.

Well, now I have something to brag about.

I found this bright red leaf on a crepe myrtle in town. Isn’t it pretty? Go ahead, you can tell me. It is gorgeous, RIGHT? Go on; say it! Say it NOW! LOUDER!

Soon, all the foliage behind it will be turning red and orange with maybe a bit of yellow. Can you see it? I think some of those leaves are starting to consider…

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6 thoughts on “‘Green’: The ‘Other’ Autumn Color

    1. I noticed that in Oklahoma. I was sort of expecting more color outside of California. I did notice that there was more color within refined landscapes that there is in landscapes here. However, there were not many landscapes where we were.


      1. Ah, yes! That happens to be the part of Oklahoma that I heard the most about before I actually went to Oklahoma. There was color where we were, but it was exotic species in landscapes and near homes. Southeastern Oklahoma is also where the McCurtain County scrub palm lives, which is why Oklahoma has as many native species of palm as California.


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