These Six for this Saturday are a minor collection of embarrassing but otherwise useless images that are perhaps too amusing to merely delete. Some had been accumulating for quite a while. The first may not seem like the worst, but is associated with a more embarrassing picture from another ‘Six on Saturday’ of last April. That entire procedure was just too dysfunctional to write about. The fifth picture was actually planned, and should actually work, regardless of how silly it looks here now.

1. Black cherry is so rare here that I met only one in my entire career; and sadly, it needed to be removed. What I did not show at the time was how close this bit got to an adjacent parked car.

2. Arborists who cut down bigger trees for us are remarkably proficient. However, after removing this canyon live oak without any damage, they piled the firewood onto one of my hydrangeas.

3. It made sense at the time. There are two rows of canned plants on top of this retaining wall. Roses are in the sunnier outer row. Now, they need to be deadheaded; but I can not reach them.

4. Land is famously expensive here. Nonetheless, we get it delivered for free whenever we want it. The quality is good, and on rare occasion, it comes with surprises such as callas or narcissus.

5. This ungrafted flowering cherry tree would not stop suckering. Now that it is succumbing to scald, one of its own suckers is groomed and staked to replace it. This stake is nailed to the tree.

6. While unused during the past year, the buildings at work were neglected more than the landscapes were. No one was here to tell us what this Boston ivy was doing on this exterior stairwell.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Oops!

    1. Yes, and to think, some mistakes are too embarrassing to mention here.
      Many years ago, while managing a Christmas tree lot at a retail nursery where I worked briefly, we sprayed some very expensive Christmas trees with diesel instead of fire retardant.

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    1. They are so rare here that I never met one before. I wanted to get cuttings, but did not want to wait until autumn. I might get cuttings from the stump. If so, I will not let it grow as a big tree. The trunk was rotten at the base, but a young man in the neighborhood milled the upper portion of the trunks

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  1. Oh yes, embarrassing gardening. I know it well. Last year I cultivated some kind of tree seedling thinking it was a dahlia!! This year I have cultivated that bed of verbena seedlings where I planned to grow cut flowers. Glad your hydrangea has survived and nature will have its way re the Boston Ivy. Most impressive is the free soil, so envious.

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    1. Elderberry? They look like dahlia to me; but dahlia do not often grow from seed.
      Free soil came from an old sitcom, ‘the Golden Girls’. Rose, the none too bright one from Minnesota, told the others that she purchased some of the best land in Minnesota as an anniversary gift for her husband, and that, “You should have seen the look on his face when it was delivered.”


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