If this were not so terrifying, it would be funny.

Tony Tomeo

P80722You would think that those who maintain the County Parks would be prepared for anything. They nearly are. They know how to deal with gophers, moles, voles, weeds, flooding, all sorts of unpleasant weather, and of course, spontaneous limb failure of massive trees. They apparently did not plan for this one.
This improvisation with a bit of dirty old plywood and a felt marker certainly does not imply that they could not handle the situation. They merely lacked a sign to warn those in the Park to avoid the area where the now exterminated yellow jackets had started to build their subterranean hive. Some brave person already attacked the hive with a can of insecticide that can be sprayed from a distance, waited for returning yellow jackets to die, and finally dug the hive up. The sign is only there because of the possibility that some yellow jackets might return…

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12 thoughts on “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Park –

  1. Nasty aggressive little buggers. I had a couple hives in holes in the yard years ago. One night the man who mows for me was the first to discover the one, and he came running up thru the yard yelling: Bees! Bees everywhere!

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      1. They didn’t actually attack him. He ran over the hole with the mower and they all just came swarming up and out of there so quick. Scared the beejeebers out of the poor man.

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  2. Ugh! I hate them so much! I was once stung in the behind multiple times by some that had their nest in the ground. The worst part was that I was in the middle of a forest with a long drive on bumpy logging roads to get back to where I was staying. Not fun!

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    1. Many years ago, I dug into a hive with a post hole digger. Of course, I ran off. I staggered into a greenhouse where my colleague was, and approached him from behind. When he turned and saw me, he immediately slapped my VERY HARD! and then proceeded to spray me with the hose! The wasps were still on me! He then buried me with bags of frozen vegetables on a sofa, and would not let me get up for a long time. That was a bad day.


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