This old article was one of my earlier attempts at participation with a meme. Unfortunately, I could not keep up with it, although I may resume eventually. It would be nice to share more pretty pictures instead of mere utilitarian pictures. This particular meme appears on the fifteenth of every month, but since it is recycled, I do not mind being a few days (and three years) late.

Tony Tomeo

While so many of us in the Northern Hemisphere were contending with unusually warm weather, our weather here had been unusually mild. The weather only recently became warm for the past two weeks or so. It did not get unusually hot here like it did in so many other regions, but the warmth developed suddenly enough to damage many of the flowers that were blooming at the time. This included many of the new perennials that we happened to be installing at the time. Consequently, there were not nearly as many flowers to get pictures of as there had been in May, and some of the flowers in these pictures show damage from the sudden change in the weather. I am sorry that I neglected to participate in Bloom Day in June.

These pictures were taken at work, on the Santa Cruz County side of the Santa Cruz Mountains above…

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