Ah, a diversion from horticulture that is worth the bother. (Never mind the date. It did originally post on September 2, just three years ago.

Tony Tomeo

It is now September 2, the day after both the feastday of Saint Fiacre, patron saint of gardeners, and the first anniversary of this blog. It is also the anniversary of the only day in the last year that I did not post anything. Yes, the second day of the blog was the only day without a post. Early in those first few days, I posted the only article that was irrelevant to horticulture, and an explanation that I would not make a habit of doing so. I wanted to try it just once to see if I could do it like so many others do. It was overrated. Nonetheless, after almost a year since that naughty diversion from my self imposed discriminating standards, I want to try it again. After all, I have not yet posted a horticulturally oriented article on September 2 within the context of this blog…

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2 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Well, that was a great post! There is a lot more to life than horticulture even though you are in it up to your elbows with your arms raised high. I have had several dog and cat companions that were right by my side no matter what I was doing. Remember the Old English Game Bantam rooster that was in so many photos on my posts a few years ago. That guy was with me no matter what I was doing until a fox caught him because I was late getting the door on his coop closed for the evening. Animals like human companionship, especially if it is a one-on-one relationship. Doesn’t matter if they are cats, dogs, poultry, pigs, cows, goats, or what… Well, I have never had a pig for a companion, but I know people who do (or have had). Hmmm… That brings back a couple of memories… Thanks for sharing.

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