Weird but elegantly pendulous string of pearls likes to hang around. It cascades nicely from hanging pots or tall urns.

It is difficult to see how string of pearls, Senecio rowleyanus, is related to much more colorful daisies and asters. The small, fuzzy and sickly white flowers are not much to look at, and only clutter the elegantly pendulous and oddly succulent foliage. The round leaves are light bluish green, so actually resemble peas more than they resemble pearls. The stems are so very thin and limber that they can only stand a few inches high, but can cascade to three feet!

Although evergreen, stems of outdoor plants can be cut back while dormant through winter to promote fresher growth in spring. The pruning scraps are very easy to propagate as cuttings. Roots are undemanding and sensitive to rot, so should be allowed to get nearly dry between watering. Bright ambient light without too much direct sun exposure is best. Incidentally, all parts of Senecio rowleyanus are toxic.


6 thoughts on “String Of Pearls

    1. I find it to be more interesting than pretty. It is quite weird. Although I do not grow it, I am impressed by it cascading from large urns of mixed perennials. Those who appreciate it might grow it alone in a hanging pot.

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  1. I have not grown this plant, either, but I do think they are interesting. A friend of mine bought a similar Senecio when I lived in Mississippi and he brought it to me to take care of. It just became a mess and only had leaves on the ends of the vines after a while. It was hanging in the Crape Myrtle tree and the squirrels got in the pot to get the seeds. They dug out the Senecio and I had quite a time getting it repotted. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. It seems to me that ‘several’ of them end up like that. They look somewhat good in nurseries, but I do not see many that look so good in home gardens. I did not want to mention that, since I figure that most people can grow them better than that. I sort of wonder if that is more common than not.

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      1. A lot of plants look much better in the nursery, especially when they first get them in from the grower. They look great at home for a while then get weird and neglected. Then people buy more because they like them when they look good.

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      2. Plants that have been as popular for as long as this one has are generally more reliable than modern cultivars though. I should have also mentioned earlier that those who grow this one do not seem to be dissatisfied with it, as if its lean appearance it normal or expected.

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