Most cannas have more billowy bloom.

It grows from dormant rhizomes like a few of the popular early spring bulbs do. However, the many garden varieties of Canna are actually late or summer bulbs. They will become available after last frost, at about the time that early bulbs bloom. Also unlike early bulbs that mostly bloom prolifically once, Canna bloom sporadically from late spring until frost.

Canna foliage can be as appealing as the bloom. The big and lush leaves can be green, bronze, striped or irregularly variegated. ‘Australia’ has strikingly dark bronze foliage with red bloom. ‘Tropicana’ is striped green, yellow, bronze red and purplish pink, with orange bloom. ‘Stuttgart’ is irregularly variegated with white, with ribbony peachy orange bloom.

Of course, the bloom can be quite spectacular atop all that foliage too. Flowers might be pink, red, orange, yellow, creamy white, or a spotty combination of two such colors. Most popular cannas bloom with big and floppy flowers. Some have narrower and wispy floral parts. Bigger cannas can get taller than eight feet. All growth dies back after frost though. New growth regenerates fast in spring.


4 thoughts on “Canna

    1. Although I am quite familiar with them here, I am impressed by where they ‘can’ grow. I saw naturalized colonies of them in Oklahoma. I was intrigued by them enough to ask someone who worked nearby about them, and to confirm that they are naturalized. Also, they grow quite well in the Pacific Northwest.

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    1. I was not so keen on them until a neighbor requested that I get some with bronze foliage for my planter box downtown. I got ‘Australia’, and actually purchased it, which I NEVER do. It has done very well, and I have been so pleased with it, even though it is not the common sort that I am more familiar with. I suppose that if I share it with neighbors, and they share it with me later, it will be okay.

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