This is some non-horticultural trivia. Have other arborists made similar observations?

Tony Tomeo

P71028That is a myth. They do not hate all cars. They just hate particular cars.
I did an internship with arborists in the summer of 1988, and have never been able to get away from arboriculture. Even as a nurseryman, I still sometimes work for arborists, and inspect trees that they are concerned with. I have seen many of their subject trees that have fallen onto parked cars, homes and whatever trees fall onto. I have noticed particular patterns.
Trees are more careful with Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and Datsun or Nissan. I have seen them put considerable effort into avoiding these cars when dropping limbs or falling over. When I was in school in San Luis Obispo, I drove my neighbor’s 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass out from under his Chinese elm that fell over it. The tree held itself up on limbs that landed on the opposite…

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2 thoughts on “Trees Hate Cars

  1. LOL, so funny! This (the Money Pit) is the first house where I cannot garage my car, and so mine have escaped any attacks during past decades. I currently have an Accord and so am glad to hear that Hondas don’t seem to be much of a tree-limb target, LOL. On the other hand, before the oaks were disposed of, I was convinced that their pollen (which I collectively refer to as “tree poop”) was determined to turn my car yellow!

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    1. Oh my! Hondas and Acuras do seem to attract pollen. So do some of the old Chevrolets. I have no idea why. Pollen does not seem to stick to Lincolns, Mercuries or Fords as much.


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