Vermin, weeds and insects can be major problems. Gophers continue to inflict serious damage within the landscapes here. The predators who help with other vermin would get gophers too, if only they were more accessible. However, it could be significantly worse. Some weeds are actually pretty. The worst insect damage was neither serious nor prominent. Deer just glare at me as if wondering why I glare at them.

1. Gophers are the most destructive of the wildlife here. This was a new and perfect hedge of variegated Pittosporum tobira before the gophers got in. The spacing of its plants was impeccable.

2. Perennial pea should have finished blooming a while ago. It typically gets crispy during the warm and arid weather of summer. It is an annoying albeit pretty weed in some of the landscape.

3. Katydids chewed my roses last summer. Fortunately, the damage was not serious, and only affected my own roses that are not within the landscapes. This one seems to be in the family way.

4. Deer have potential to cause major damage to the landscapes, but never have. Their nibbling is minimal. No one knows why. They are a significant problem within adjacent neighborhoods.

5. Predatory birds ‘control’ some of the rabbits and other vermin, but not gophers. I do not know who this bird is, but would guess that it could take off with Bambi if she nibbles the camellias.

6. RAIN! This is the happy ending of the Fire Season, as well as the happy beginning of the Rainy Season! The first storm of the season is always major news here, but is rarely this significant. The flashing blue light on the windshield of one of the pickups is a motion activated security system that began chirping in response to so much water falling from the perforated gutter above.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Happy Beginning

  1. Too funny, Tony. I love your bird that could carry off a Bambi. Very regal. It is interesting that your deer don’t damage the landscape. I wonder what they are eating instead? The ones that sneak into our yard favor Hydrangeas. I chased a family of 10 away on Wednesday afternoon. So sorry for your hedge. I protect shrubs against voles with Narcissus bulbs. I wonder whether they would have any effect on gophers?

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    1. No one knows why the deer avoid the landscapes here, while they do a bit of damage to neighboring home gardens. No one can remember them ever damaging the landscapes. There is plenty for them in the forest, but most deer prefer exotics. It works out well for us, because we need not contend with the damage, but guests really enjoy seeing deer from the trails through the forests. Many of our guests seem to consider deer to be something special. Gophers do not eat narcissus, but will go around and under them. Regardless, I will not plant narcissus there. I want a plain and simple low hedge.


    1. Things get rather dry before the beginning of the rainy season. That is how a chaparral climate works. This situation is not exactly a chaparral climate, but is on the same schedule as the chaparral climate farther inland. There is plenty of sunshine between storms, right through the rainy season. The main problem is that those who lost their homes to the CZU Fire were evacuated again because of the potential for debris flows.

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