With only one exception (#6), everything that I added to my downtown planter box was recycled from somewhere else. Almost all of that which I added came from the garden of the mother of a now deceased old friend, so has major history with me. The original cuttings rode around for more than a month on the dashboard of the old station wagon prior to getting plugged. Yet, I do not know many of their names. Only #5 inhabited the planter box before I got there. Nowadays, bits and pieces generated from occasional grooming of the planter box get recycled elsewhere. Many are shared with neighbors.

1. Tree houseleek grew almost as big as small tumbleweeds. Except for two Indian hawthorn trees that were installed when the planter boxes were built, they are the most prominent features.

2. Unknown succulent resembles tree houseleek, but stays much lower. A neighbor requested ‘Australia’ canna (#6) because this and tree houseleek produce so much pallid light green foliage.

3. Unknown Aloe is more appealing in the planter box than these shriveled cuttings are. I think that it might be more appealing if it bloomed. After a few years, I have not seen a single flower.

4. Unknown bearded is not a good choice for a planter box downtown. It blooms only once annually, and the few flowers get picked. They are slightly grayish white, so are not even very pretty.

5. Variegated lily turf is one of the few plants that was already in the planter box when I go to it. Some of it reverted to unvariegated, and became even more invasive, and then more abundant.

6. ‘Australia’ canna is the only item that I actually purchased for the planter box. I got it because a neighboring merchant expressed an appreciation for bronzed foliage. It does not disappoint!

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Recyclery

  1. I like the idea of plants that can withstand a month on the dashboard of a California station wagon. Sounds like a scene in a Clint Eastwood movie…’he drives into the sunset, succulent spikes poking above the line of the dashboard, into the orange sky…’

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    1. Well, the station wagon was made in Shreveport; and I do not remember Mr. Eastwood ever driving a station wagon. He does drive old pickup ups though. I can remember that he got flack for it from people he worked with. I have not seen him in many years, since prior to 2006, but I do remember that he drove a middle aged pickup even in his 70s.

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    1. ‘Australia’ canna really is striking. I am so pleased that the neighbor requested it. I never would have considered it otherwise. I do not like bronze foliage much. Senecia cineraria lives with it also.


    1. There were other cannas that I could have recycled, but the neighbor requested the bronzed foliage to contrast with the paler foliage. That was the only reason I purchased it. I really did not spend much at all. It was not the money that bothered me. It was the violation of my rule of not purchasing anything.

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