It may seem to grow slowly, but ‘Sea Green’ juniper outgrew the stigma that has followed junipers since the 1950’s.

No one can deny that junipers are useful, sustainable and resilient. They tolerate cold, heat and harsh exposure. Once established, they do not need much water.

Sea green juniper, Juniperus chinensis ‘Sea Green’, is a bit lighter green than more traditional dark green junipers. It can grow somewhat slowly, eventually getting to about five feet tall, and a foot or two wider. Like all junipers, it should never be indiscriminately shorn, but should instead be selectively pruned to exploit its distinctive ‘fountain’ shaped branch structure that points up and outward from the base.


4 thoughts on “Sea Green Juniper

  1. When I saw your title roday I thought you had started knittingā€¦. I read ‘jumper’ instead of junioer! LOL! This paler Juniper is really pretty. Junipers grow on the chalky slopes near my former home, but wild and gnarly not like the trimmed ones you see in gardens. You can see from their growth which direction prevailing winds come from.

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    1. Monterey cypress are famous for taking the form of the wind on the coast here, but no junipers are native. A few are native a bit farther inland, but uncommon. I thought that the eastern redcedar, which is really a Juniperus virginiani, resembled small Monterey cypress, but not quite as gnarly or wind formed. I encountered it in Oklahoma.

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