Halloween is the Holiday that I loathe most, for several reasons. Nonetheless, pumpkins that are grown almost exclusively for Halloween, are one of the main crops of Half Moon Bay and the rest of coastal San Mateo County. One of my classmates at Cal Poly was Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Queen of 1985! I am actually rather fond of pumpkin. Where I lived in town, neighbors left pumpkins on my porch after Halloween. They were bright orange but mildly flavored Jack O’ lantern types, but were good enough for me to can enough to last until the next Halloween. Anyway, these six might have been more appropriate prior to last Halloween.

1. Screwball! Seriously, what is this? I did not grow this orange. I have no idea how it got impaled by all those screws. I just found it here. It resembles a character of ‘HellRaiser’.

2. Skeletal remains of trees that were burned by the CZU Fire, which I happened to write about on Halloween last year, were likely Douglas fir. They look like the Haunted Forest.

3. Poison oak is a nasty species in all regards. Not only are most people very allergic to it dermally, but it looks evil also! These vines look like they want to strangle their support.

4. Hellebore does not perform well here. Perhaps it might perform better if it were bored in . . . someplace else. This is likely my favorite since it is white; but such a ghastly white.

5. Ignore the diminutive werewolf to the lower left, and the background flora too. Notice the bridge above instead, and the bright orange horticultural oddity in the middle below.

6. Pumpkins are squash. This one demonstrated that characteristic splendidly. Now that Halloween was a month and a half ago, most go to waste. At least this one had some fun.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Halloween is Dead!

  1. I am a fan of pumpkins those which are delicious to eat, not the big ones. I love them in cakes and in savoury breads too. I often write about the recipes on my posts. I had also never had corn bread until a few weeks ago, which I believe is also American. The two were combined with cheese and eggs in the form of a savoury Polenta Bake. Love the ‘Guard Dog’. Happy Christmas to you.

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    1. The ‘normal’ pumpkins would have been better, but were not the sort that were left on my porch. Because I got so many of the big orange sorts, I never had an excuse to procure any of the tastier sort. The big orange sorts are not bad. They just are not as good as those with richer flavor. I got a white pumpkin once, and it really was bland, although a neighbor made it good with a lot of spices. Finally, two summers ago, I grew a few of the smaller brownish pumpkins that are so good for baking! However, the neighborhood kids who made Jack O’ lanterns with them did not bring them back after Halloween! Oh well. I doubt they made good Jack O’ lanterns. They were not big, and develop very thick shells.
      Corn bread is quite traditional, especially in the ‘South’, which is really the southeastern states, up as far as Oklahoma. One of my roommates in college made it weekly. It lasted almost for a week, and was depleted just in time for the next batch.
      Merry Christmas!


  2. I am not a fan of Halloween either. It’s becoming far too commercial–said Linus in the 1960s, and it’s only gotten worse! We too had a random pumpkin rolling around our parking lot at work this week, despite the fact that the town offers “pumpkin recycling”–I suspect that the resident groundhogs finally made off with it. At least it won’t clash with the Christmas decorations now.


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    1. I will not elaborate too much on what I think of what has become of what should be important Holidays. Fortunately, the Dia de los Muertos celebrations are becoming more common than they had been, and are somehow more respectful of the actual Holiday.


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