Six on Saturday is cancelled for Christmas. I should have remembered that. Well, I already posted my Six on Saturday, as well as these extra Six.

. . . .

Rhody is who everyone who comes to my blog really wants to see. I would share more of his pictures, but there simply are not many. He dislikes getting his picture taken, so does not cooperate. These six pictures demonstrate that splendidly. This is not my real Six on Saturday for today. I submitted them a moment ago. I just added these because Rhody is just that popular, and because I did not know what else to do with these six silly pictures that do not conform to any particular horticultural topic.

1. If only I could get a few simple candid pictures of Rhody before he notices the camera.

2. Oops! It is too late now. He gets so annoyed when he sees me aiming a camera at him.

3. Then I get ‘the look’, which, as one can imagine, means that he is even more annoyed!

4. Now he is contemplating where he will hide each left boot of every pair of boots I own.

5. Again I get ‘the look’, but a bit more resigned. He just wants me to finish and go away.

6. Now he just does not care. He knows I will take pictures anyway. He does as he wants.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rhody Hates Pictures

    1. None of the terriers did. Privet was afraid of the flash, as well as the camera, whether or not it flashed. Bill did not seem to be afraid of it, but did what he could to avoid it. Rhody just gets annoyed, and makes a point of looking annoyed. Sometimes, he sticks his nose up vertically,which is quite weird, and even weirder than other dogs do the same in response to cameras.


    1. Christmas started out just fine, but a wicked thunderstorm came through, with very loud thunder and enough hail to clog the drain in the yard below. Strangely though, Rhody did not seem to mind! He is normally afraid of lightning and thunder, and was terrified of the relatively subdued lightning and thunder that started the CZU Fire two summers ago.


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