Everyone seems to like this huge perennial in Brent’s garden.

Tony Tomeo

P90406KKWhen spelled like that, the whole thing looks like someone’s long name. ‘Charles Grimaldi’ really is someone’s name, and the particular cultivar of brugmansia happens to be named after him. Because no one knows who the parents of this hybrid cultivar are, the species name is omitted. It is therefore described by just the genus name followed by the cultivar name, as Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi’; or simply ‘Charles Grimaldi brugmansia’.

After all that, some of us know it, as well as all other cultivars, even more simply as ‘angel’s trumpet’. They are more likely to be distinguished by floral color and form than by cultivar name. For example, Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi’ might be described as a single yellow angel’s trumpet. There is also a single white, a double white, a single pink, a single pink with variegated foliage, and so on. Most are fragrant at least to some degree.


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6 thoughts on “Charles Grimaldi Brugmansia (not a bio)

    1. It is no mistake. It is how it responds to frost. Angel’s trumpet does not survive where winters are too cool for it. It dies back to the ground with mild frost. but then regenerates. In mild climates, like where Brent lives, it does not get damaged by frost, so needs aggressive pruning. Our primary double white angel’s trumpet is sheltered, but got frosted back to main stems this winter. I pruned off the damage, so new growth is developing from the main limbs. I would like for it to develop a set of somewhat tall primary trunks, so that the flowers can hang downward. However, I can not predict how it will respond to the weather here. It could maintain trunks for many years, and then die back to the ground for an exceptional frost. The weather does not get very cold here, but it can get slightly frost.

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    1. I should grow more of them. I intend to get pieces later this year, but not in time for them to bloom. I also want a single white angel’s trumpet from across the street, even though I know it is rather puny. The double white angel’s trumpet is doing well here, and gave me several more cuttings when I pruned it. There is a single pink and a single orange, but they are not big enough to provide cuttings. They are sole remnants of several cuttings I grew a few years ago.

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