Our vacation continued from Ilwaco, where I took both pictures #1 and #2, to Silverdale and Poulsbo, all within Washington. The Tomeo Residence, where I got pictures #5 and #6, is in Silverdale. The farm, where I got pictures #3 and #4, is near Poulsbo. For most of my vacation, I did exactly what I wanted to do. I pruned a few apple trees that were in need of major structure pruning. I wanted to do more, but got distracted. (That is a long story.) Apples were about to bloom.

1. White grape hyacinth could be my favorite of the many goodies I received from Tangly Cottage Gardening. I try not to choose favorites, but I wanted this for a long time, and it came directly from the planter beds at the Port of Ilwaco! They are approved by Skooter!

2. ‘Golden Fragrance’ grape hyacinth was blooming in the same bed with the white grape hyacinth. I thought I got a picture. This could be Muscari paradoxum, but I do not know. 

3. Pluot was still in early bloom when we arrived in Kitsap County. I dislike pluots, but it might substitute for apricot, which is unreliable in the local climate. Peach is absent too.

4. Apple trees were barely beginning to bloom. It was technically too late to prune them, but I did anyway. They have been neglected for too long. I finished less than half though.

5. Heather was blooming quite colorfully. It seems to be about as popular there as lily of the Nile is here, likely because it performs so reliably. It was strange to see so much of it.

6. Hyacinth and many other early spring flowers were still blooming splendidly. I should have gotten a better picture of a colony of hyacinth, but wanted to get a close up picture.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate: https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/


22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rhody’s Roady II – Washington (the State)

    1. Pluot is a hybrid of plum and apricot. Plumcot is another hybrid of (I believe) plum and pluot, so is more plum than apricot. Aprium is a hybrid of (I believe) apricot and pluot, so is more apricot. There are actually several weird hybrids of the various stone fruits. Because I grew up with the traditional stone fruits, I find the hybrids to be weird and unnecessary. However, a bald pluot has a distinct advantage in a climate that is too damp for fuzzy apricots.


    1. Yes! I know that I have been bragging abut them for days, but I feel as if I can continue bragging about them. My common blue grape hyacinth have been great (although I tried for many years to get rid of them). Nonetheless, I wanted white also, since white is my favorite color. I just could not justify ‘purchasing’ (oooh, bad word) any without some sort of significance. These are both white and significant. They came from Tangly Cottage Gardening, and are approved by Skooter!


    1. Oh, I am also! I have been bragging about them for at least two weeks! You can see in the other comments here. Even Rhody knows that they are important, so took the damp napkins that they were wrapped in, and nestled it into his bunk.

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  1. Lovely spring blossom. I love muscari – although like you, for a long time I tried to rid the garden of them. For some reason, my mind is completely changed about them. Last week we found a very pretty two-tone blue, unidentified, but lovely all the same.

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    1. Yes! They DO that; like the neighbor’s kitty who decides to be overly friendly. One can chase it off only for a limited time before succumbing to his or her mind control techniques, and providing it with a comfy pillow. These white grape hyacinth will get canned for now, and then get planted in the white garden at the chapel while dormant later in summer. (I pulled them while they were actively growing.) The following summer, I can divide a few for my own garden, and to move them around within the same white garden.

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    1. Port Orchard is not so little. That happens to be one of my favorite towns in the region though, since the region beyond that is more like what I dislike about California.


      1. I thought that I remember Highway 16 and Highway 3 as smaller highways around the Sinclair Inlet, with nice homes above. It seems to look very different now, with significant traffic.

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  2. I don’t think that was the Golden Fragrance muscari, which was kind of a murky purple and an odd shade of yellowy gold. I have probably ten or more different muscari in that bed. I think paradoxum is a straight out flat kind of cobalt blue. I mean the color is like flat paint, not glossy. They are all mixed up In there. They are seriously taking over the Long Beach planters so I’m going to have to thin them. I’ll see if I can send you some this winter but I might not be able to tell the different colors so they might turn out to be all plain blue.

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    1. No, ‘Golden Fragrance’ was the one that I did not get a picture of, although I thought that I did. Since posting this picture, I realize that it is not Muscari paradoxum. I should remember than one, since I have seen it before.Thank you for the offer of more bulbs, but I am SO pleased with the white grape hyacinth that I need no more of the others. (However, I would be TOTALLY pleased to take some more of the white grape hyacinth if they need thinning!) If I do not enforce limits within my garden, I can lose track of what is out there. I do not want anything to mix with my blue grape hyacinth, and also want to keep the white ones separate. Also, I will not ask for you to send anything anyway, since I really should return this winter. I really want to get more done for my Pa.

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