The biggest lawn where I work for part of the week was formerly a pond. It was installed above an extensive drainage system to compensate for the natural saturation of the soil. A relatively small pond remains at the lowest corner of the large lawn to contain some of the runoff, which gets pumped back onto the lawn for irritation. However, this pond had drained and became overwhelmed by vegetation many years ago. Only recently, after the removal of the overwhelming vegetation, the pond was restored by the simple closure of its drainage gate. It is developing into a different sort of riparian ecosystem from what it was for the past several years, which was different from what it was before that.

1. Cattail and Himalayan blackberry overwhelmed this area many years ago. We knew it as the corn dog orchard because of the cattail bloom. This is what remains of the cattail.

2. Cottonwood appeared several years ago. They grew in a small grove of several slender trunks, perhaps from a single root system of a primary tree. These two are flooded now.

3. Knotweed proliferated on the margin of the newly flooded pond. Some got submerged where it grew while the water was lower. I hope that it dies like the submerged bramble.

4. Weeping willow enjoys the swampy situation here. The newly flooded pond might not bother it much. The soil is naturally saturated within a minimal depth from the surface.

5. Water lily seems happy here too, although one of the six that were installed is missing. One specimen has about twenty leaves. I could not take a picture of it without reflection.

6. Fountains are supposed to dissuade proliferation of mosquitoes. I do now know what to think of it. Everyone else (except mosquitoes) likes it though. That is more important.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Flood Zone

  1. Nice! I often wonder about making a pond in my wet corner, but then things became dry and so I don’t think about it so much anymore. We have a shallow lake nearby that I love to visit that was once drained for farming. The county bought it and restored it and a conservancy have been creating prairie restoration that is very fun to see.

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    1. This particular pond was designed as part of the drainage and irrigation systems. It was not my idea to restore it, although I am pleased that everyone likes it there. The larger pond on the farm is an irrigation pond, so was not designed to be a landscape feature. I used to enjoy swimming in it, since I dislike swimming pools. So much of California is desert or chaparral, so synthetic ‘water features’ are weirdly popular. Brent uses fountains at his home to obscure the ambient urban noise. For me, the concept of ‘installing’ a synthetic water feature takes some getting used to. There are times when I would like to turn off the creek that flows outside. It is the same creek that flowed past my former home, and happens to converge with the creek that flows through the farm just a short distance upstream from here.


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