Mexican heather has finely textured foliage.

The minute bright pink flowers of Mexican heather, Cuphea hyssopifolia, are less than a quarter inch long, but are enough to get the attention of the hummingbirds who really dig them. Flowers can rarely be more purplish or even more rarely white. The limber stems are well foliated with finely textured and narrow leaves that are not much more than half an inch long. Mature plants are typically lower but a bit wider than two feet. Overgrown plants can be pruned severely at the end of winter to regenerate over summer.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Heather

    1. It was in my planter box downtown when I got there many years ago. I thought that it would die out after a few years. Instead, it gave me two babies to replace two of the three that I had removed before they died out. Yes, I feel guilty about it now. It is not my favorite plant there, but someone liked it a long time ago.

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