Seasons here are rather mild. People from more interesting climates may not realize that there are any seasons here. Some may believe that it is almost always summer, with only a few days of some other season that is not summer. In reality, climates here experience the same four seasons that occur throughout the rest of North America. The seasons are merely less distinct here. That confuses some plants. Many plants that do not mind mild climates set their own schedules. Some simply have extensive bloom seasons. Of course, many flowers, such as petunias, are totally aware of winter, but know how to thoroughly exploit summer.

1. Chrysanthemum does not seem to be aware that it should bloom for autumn. Actually, it blooms whenever it wants to, and after this bloom phase, may also bloom for autumn.

2. Roses should bloom from spring until autumn, but because of partial shade, generally finish with the best bloom by now. This year, their bloom continues as if it is still spring.

3. Lilies that grow from bulbs bloom only for spring, although many were still blooming recently. This one is a daylily. Like the chrysanthemum, it blooms whenever it wants to.

4. Petunia is a classic warm season annual for summer. This one is dressed up as Santa Claus for Christmas time though. Maybe it is actually dressed up like the flag of Austria.

5. This color is rad, even if I can not describe it. Is it purple? Is it burgundy? Perhaps it is irrelevant. I would not have selected it anyway. Such tasks require specialized expertise.

6. Ah, this is more my style. Even I can see that this is plain white. It is my favorite color, and is one of the two simplest. Only black is as simple; but it is very rare among flowers.

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21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Mostly Summer

      1. Oh, it is no problem. I get it now, because I so often prefer to take pictures of the white flowers if I have a choice of colors. I sometimes get pictures of flowers in other colors, even if white is available, just because other colors are easier.


  1. When I moved to the semitropical part of Texas, I could barely tell when the seasons changed. I also thought I could grow great flowers all year round. Even in warm weather, plants react to the length of the day. My rose blooms best in our winter.

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    1. Jackson and Perkins sends roses to Hawaii! It is none of my business, but I can not help but wonder how they perform there. They must do well, otherwise they would not be available there.

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      1. Is that because of humidity? A few of the fungal pathogens of stone fruit trees here enjoy the aridity. However, some of the most bothersome pathogens of roses are inhibited by aridity.

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      1. Yes, that is what my colleague down down does. They generally retain their foliage throughout the year, so can get shabby with old foliage. Ours do not necessarily succumb to frost annually, but I cut them down regardless. I just do not have the patience for grooming them. Actually, rather than simply deadheading them to allow side shoots to bloom, I might cut the entire stalk to the ground after primary bloom. I prefer them to not be as crowded as they can get naturally.

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  2. You had me fooled for a moment with (3) as I thought it was a roselily though I’ve not seen one that colour. For (5) I’d say a mix of fuchsia and magenta, although bright pink would cover it. Perhaps as well the Chrysanthemum can’t read and has no internet access, or it might hold off flowering till later next year.

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    1. There are no roselily here, although there is a lily that blooms in the rose garden that we know as the ‘rose lily’ or the ‘lily rose’. I have tried to relocate it a few times, but can not find it after the stem dies back, and can not dig very deep without offending the roses and lavender. It is a remnant from the mixed perennials that lived there prior to the installation of the rose garden. I can not explain how that particular bulb got so deep. I do not argue with it any more, particularly since more perennials are moving back into the site.
      The #5 petunias will be gone before winter, and before I figure out what color they are. They are pretty, and that is what matters.
      Even if the chrysanthemum could read, it would not care about its prescribed schedule. It would still bloom whenever it wants to. I do not argue with it any more than I argue with the lily rose.


    1. I do not know what the petunias are, but I do know that they are not ‘Purple Wave’. I would have remembered that name, since it is one that I happen to like. They were one of the VERY rare fads that I actually liked when they became popular in the late 1990s.

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      1. Oh, I forgot about that ‘Homestead’ verbena. Those red, white and blue petunias that were popular for the summer of 1976 were awesome (although people did not say ‘awesome’ back then). They were so awesome that I still wonder why they were replaced by less awesome varieties. Perhaps they were not as awesome as I remember.

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      2. So, they were more abundant than awesome. Some flowers from that time seem awesome to me because they are what I remember. I still like marigolds, just because hippies used to hand them out on the corner of West Main Street and North Santa Cruz Avenue. I distinctly remember my Pa telling me to roll up my window as he did the same and locked the door of the new 1967 Chevelle, because there were hippies on the corner there. One handed me a marigold before I got the window all the way up, and it made me so happy. That young hippie is either elderly or deceased by now, but will always be so cool to me.


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