White is my favorite color, which is why I have featured exclusively white flowers for Six on Saturday at least twice already. I recycled the title of the older posts for this new post because it is less objectionable than the title of another post that expresses my proclivity for white. The first three of these six are from the exclusively white garden of El Catedral De Santa Clara De Los Gatos, which is actually the Mount Hermon Memorial Chapel, or simply the Chapel. For these first three, the direct sunlight was not conducive to pictures of good quality. The other three are from a small garden of mixed colors across the road. Incidentally, the garden adjacent to the exclusively white garden includes various colors, including various Pacific Coast iris, but any new plants there will bloom exclusively blue.

1. Catharanthus roseus, Madagascar periwinkle, was hastily installed to replace petunia that desiccated as redwood roots sneaked in from below to abscond with their moisture.

2. Pelargonium X hortorum, zonal geranium, was likewise hastily installed for its quick white bloom, but a few years earlier, and performed well enough to propagate and share.

3. Brugmansia candida, angel’s trumpet, is a copy of an old specimen at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, which inhabited my mother’s garden, but then needed to be removed

4. Verbena X hybrida (or Glandularia X hybrida), garden verbena, was installed with a mix of color in a garden across the road from the exclusively white garden of the Chapel.

5. Lobularia maritima, sweet alyssum, inhabits the same garden, where it should ideally cascade over the low stone retaining wall, but never grows big enough through summer.

6. Phlox paniculata, garden phlox, mysteriously appeared in the background within this same garden, and was appealing enough to stay, and even got divided for other gardens.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate: https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/six-on-saturday-a-participant-guide/


18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: White Trash III+

    1. It is sort of overrated. I just grew it because it is so easy to grow. I intend to add other cultivars to other gardens, including a copy of ‘Charles Grimaldi’ from Brent’s garden. It is not as happy here as it is in Southern California, and gets frosted annually.

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      1. I considered putting ours in a very big pot so that it would not need to compete with the redwoods, but I dislike pots. They crave a lot of water, and should be cut back after winter so that they do not get too big for their pots.


    1. It might be the second most popular cultivar here. It seems to me that only ‘Charles Grimaldi’ is more popular. In its particular situation, the flowers are generally simpler, and less billowy than the bloom that I got a picture of. Some seem to be almost single. I intend to get new copies of ‘Charles Grimaldi’ from Brent’s large specimen, which is a copy from a pair at one of his old landscapes. I also want copies of a single white cultivar across the road. Since my ‘Charles Grimaldi’ and single white succumbed to frost, the only other two cultivars here are single pale orange and single pink, and the single pink developes a weirdly gnarly branch structure.

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    1. The flower is perfect up close, but this is one warm season annual that I have never seen perform well. The other horticulturist here, who procures all of the new acquisitions, selected it. I would have advised otherwise if I had known. It was pretty as long as necessary, but then several plants rotted. I believe that only about three quarters of them survive. They only need to remain presentable long enough for cool season annuals to become seasonable.


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