Goodness! This old post reminds me that I have not seen Mr. McNugget in quite a while. I rarely go to the landscapes that he inhabits nowadays.

Tony Tomeo

P90914KWildlife is a topic that is notably lacking from my articles. I mention only that which must be ‘escorted’ out of the landscapes, like Halston Junior. Gophers, racoons, squirrels, rats, skunks, mice, opossums, rabbits, deer, mountain lions, coyotes, rattlesnakes, turkeys, geese, woodpeckers, jays, crows, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies and feral boars can potentially be problematic.

There are probably at least a few more. This list does not even include bad neighbors or domestic animals. Nor does it include foxes, just because they eat mice, rats and snails, and do not seem to cause any problems. Butterflies and most birds, except those listed, are quite tolerable. Insects and mites that damage plants deserve their own list. I don’t know where ticks fit in.

Most unwelcome wildlife at least tries to stay out of my way. Others seem to make sport of antagonizing me. Skunks try to be friendly; but I…

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6 thoughts on “Mr. McNugget

  1. Wildlife is fine except those critters that dig in my yard or burrow in the flower beds. I have an electric fence around the garden to keep the deer or, and this year they didn’t bother the hosta. I have had several mice in the house this year which, hopefully, the cat and I have finally eliminated. A female had babies and all “we” were catching were very small. Finally, this morning a pregnant female was in a trap. A few days ago, I found damage in several places in the yard. No doubt an armadillo!

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    1. Armadillo? Is that some fancy Italian sports coupe?
      Deer avoid our landscapes at work. They always have. No one knows why. It would be nice to know why, for other landscapers. Do you happen to know if deer eat canna? Supposedly, they do not. I find that difficult to believe though, particularly since I eat canna. I can not imagine why deer would not.

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