Goodness! Not only did I not get good pictures of these Memorial Trees, but I needed to add two unrelated pictures for a total of Six on Saturday. Perhaps fewer Memorial Trees are better than more. Sadly, another must be added as space becomes vacated. Anyway, the first picture is something I am quite pleased with. The sixth complies with tradition. Links have more information about the Memorial Trees at my other blog, Felton League.

1. Australian tree fern, Cyathea cooperi, was relocated from my former neighborhood in town. It may not look like much, but the trunk, which is not visible here. is nine feet tall!

2. Steven Michael Ralls Memorial Tree was the first Tree of the Memorial Grove when it was installed on May 2, 2020, the third anniversary of his death. It is now about six feet tall, and inhabits a site that was formerly inhabited by Mr. Ralls while he was unhoused.

3. David Noel Riddell Memorial Tree was installed quite a while after Mr. Riddell passed away, so it is only about three feet tall. Incidentally, Mr. Riddell is a direct descendant of some of the first Spanish people to arrive in Monterey where Monterey cypress is native.

4. David Fritiof Lindberg Memorial Tree was installed shortly after Mr. Lindberg passed away on November 13, 2021, and in conjunction with The David Noel Riddell Memorial Tree. It is only about four feet tall. All three of those Memorialized were mutual friends.

5. Jeffrey Dale Scofield Memorial Tree became The Memorial Tree after a few friends of the Memorialized passed away within only a few years afterwards. It is maturing nicely!

6. Canna ‘Australia’ in the downtown planter box remain lush after harsh grooming, and after those at work were frosted. Of course, this picture is not actually about this Canna.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Memorial Trees +

    1. These Memorial Trees were coincidentally trees that were to be installed anyway. The Memorial Tree replaced a black oak that did not survive long after it was installed with the development of the Park. The Monterey cypress are an evergreen screen to obscure an industrial building. It is just coincidence that the best place for the first happened to be on the old camp site.

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    1. It is an old tradition, and all of the redwoods and an additional sweetgum within Felton Covered Bridge Park are memorial trees. Families of the deceased sponsored the trees to help finance the development of the park. The Memorial Tree replaced another oak that did not survive long after the development of the park, so needed to be planted anyway. The Memorial Grove was planted to obscure industrial buildings, but happened to be on the former camp site.


      1. Several trees at work are Memorial Trees. The older sorts were trees that were to be planted anyway. Younger Memorial Trees and their locations were selected by friends and families of the deceased, whether or not they were appropriate. Consequently, there is a weeping willow here that will eventually become too big for its situation. Also, a few dogwood trees were planted as Memorial Trees within landscapes that lacked adequate irrigation for them. Irrigation needed to be modified accordingly. Unfortunately, unless we select the species and location, we are now unable to accommodate random Memorial Trees.


    1. It is! We had been wanting to add a few more to the landscape, but never had a good excuse to do so. This one performed well within its landscape for many years (although a bit too close to the front door for my preference), but when it grew above the eave, it roasted during late summer, and frosted a bit every few winters or so.

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