Winter is the busiest season here. There is no more to do during winter here than here is anywhere else, but there is a bit less time in which to do it all. Dormant pruning must be done prior to the last frost, and the first bloom. Planting should be done prior to the last rain, especially for small plants and seedlings such as most of these. Even after the most torrential weather since 1982, winter weather here can not maintain dormancy for long. Even if it would do so for more species, canna may not cooperate. I suspect that some of its ancestral species were familiar with frost without winters in the tropical Andes. They survive frost, but are too eager to grow immediately afterward.

1. Lupinus arboreus, bush lupine is a gift from a local nursery that grows native species. They were getting too mature to be marketable. We got a dozen. They grow wild nearby.

2. Lantana camara, lantana is coppiced annually after getting a bit frosted, but prior to regeneration. This unexpected seedling was also coppiced, but relocated in this process.

3. Canna indica, canna does not seem to know what winter is. It survives frost, but tries to regenerate immediately after experiencing it, instead of waiting for the end of winter.

4. Scilla peruviana, squill seems like it should be just as familiar with winterless frost in Peru, near the Equator, but is actually a Mediterranean species. Three are blooming late.

5. Amaryllis belladonna, naked lady generates too many seed. I again made the mistake of collecting some two seasons ago. What now? These actually get put out while foliated.

6. Cedrus deodara, deodar cedar is as prolific, but without my intervention. I pulled and plugged several a few years ago, but most of them were killed by weed whackers anyway.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Brief Winter

    1. When Carson (Rhody’s Roady) arrived, the fleet manager here confirmed that the electric locking mechanisms and electric windows were operational for all four doors because if such an awesome car goes out in public with a window open or a door unlocked, the cab immediately fills with hot babes. I can handle a few naked ladies, although this might be . . . excessive.
      Canna flaccida is one of only two species that is native to North America, and Canna glauca, which is the other species that is native to North America, may actually be naturalized rather than native. Both are ancestors of some of the modern hybrids; but most other ancestral species are from Northern South America. Canna flaccida is supposedly the only species that is slightly fragrant. It is also one of only three Cannas that I would not mind purchasing when I can accommodate it. (I object to purchasing anything for the garden.) I might get a cultivar of ‘documentable’ Canna edulis, a cultivar that blooms white (which is actually just very pale yellow) and Canna flaccida. Seed are available online, so I can not be the only one who finds them to be interesting. I just have not procured any yet because we are so overwhelmed with Canna now.

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  1. I too added cedar seedlings to my Six this week, but mine are related to my intervention because I started the seedlings after a cold scarification. I don’t know if it’s a Atlas cedar or C of Lebanon. Nevertheless these young shoots are really cute. Very nice photo of scillas

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    1. I wanted to take some of these deodar cedar to Los Angeles to be installed as street trees, but no matter how many I pull and can, more continue to appear. I can not process all of them. A few Atlas cedars would be nice, but they do not generate so many seed here. I have never seen a cedar of Lebanon. That would be rad.

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