Although it is not my own garden, I have obtained some of my plants here, and have planted a few here too. I write about or mention Felton Covered Bridge Park too often to bother posting links to other posts about it. #1 and #2 are not exactly weeds, but were not planted here either. They were likely taken by the San Lorenzo River from gardens upstream, and deposited here.

1. Snowdrop! It seems that everyone else has been posting pictures of theirs, and I had nothing to brag about. I did not know they were here. However, these are Leucojum aestivum rather than a species of Galanthus.

2. Daffodil foliage emerges annually, but gets cut down by the ‘gardeners’ with their weed whackers. This is only the second time they have bloomed.P80210+
3. Periwinkle is a prolific weed throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains.P80210++
4. English daisy is a prolific weed in lawns in mild climates. Most if not all of the lawns in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco are infested with it; but it is too pretty to dislike.P80210+++
5. Dandelion is another prolific lawn weed that is easier to dislike.P80210++++
6. Dandelion seed is very abundant and very easily blown about.P80210+++++
This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Weeds of Felton Covered Bridge Park

    1. Envy? I just wrote about how problematic pleasant weather can be. It is so good that it can ruin fruit and flower production, and we can not grow things that need a winter chill. Tulips bloom only once here.


  1. Dandelion seeds don’t have that high a germination rate, fortunately. I let the small number I get here grow to flowering stage in the spring – they’re a valuable food source for pollinators. As soon as a head develops seed, I just flick a cigarette lighter at it and the head ignites nicely. Seeds dead! I dig the plants up in early summer for a neighbour’s tortoise. So I don’t dislike them. But I do dislike snowdrops (though I like Leucojums).

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    1. How funny. When we were kids, we were terrified by a tortoise that we saw approaching slowly but directly to come eat the dandelions out of the front lawn. We did not know what it was, but he decided to live with us. He ate dandelions and vegetable scraps, and seemed to be quite happy.
      When I can, I would like to grow a few dandelions in a box of sandy soil, as well as chicory. I do not want them to become invasive though, so will probably keep the seeds plucked. I just like them for salads, and I like the roots of the chicory.
      Why do you dislike snowdrops? It seems that everyone else really digs them.


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